Monday, March 4, 2013

Darkening Deeps Process

Its always fun when told to just make things look cool.  I was given a really rough layout and two small goblin house props and told to make an underground goblin city dungeon for the initial Rift release.  
The initial whitebox was roughed out by the lead terrain artist and then modeled over by me.
I was given a couple of goblin houses to spread around.  
I wanted the dungeon to have a very busy/lived-in feel.  Like a wasp nest or a beehive I wanted the goblins to just overflow in this room.  The lights from the buildings should act like stars at night; too overwhelming to count.   
Because of the budget restrictions on developing MMOs Rift had a very limited poly budget so in order to get this cave to look so dense with goblin houses I ended up baking the textures onto cheaper models and alpha cards and placing those up higher where the player would never reach.

Here is the dungeon release trailer:
The sewer section in this video was modeled by Jason Colombo.  The cracked egg prop was modeled by Dan Bingham.  The crucified Ent was modeled by Leonard Williams.  Design, lighting and world-building by me.

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